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Tips & Advice

Handy Tips we love to share....


Don't you hate new teatowels cause they never dry properly.  Try this and you'll be sorted!!  Soak for 24 hours in a bucket of cold water before you wash them the first time, then wash in washing machine as usual.  This swells the fibres and they dry perfectly like you've washed them 30 - 40 times!!


Dents on your furniture?

If its just happened, dab or drop hot water onto the dent then prick timber lightly with a dressmakers pin.  The heat should swell the timber back up to its original size.


Wooden Dining Chairs:

To clean Wooden Dining Chairs or any Wooden Furniture or Wall Paneling for that matter, put methalated spirits on a soft clean cloth and wipe over the surface.  This should remove grime and leave the surface fresh & clean