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We are open Tuesday – Friday 9AM to 5PM and we ship Nationwide

Nut Loaf Tin Non stick

by D.line
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There’s nothing like a piping hot nut loaf to help you do just that. And of course, it’s not a traditional nut loaf if it hasn’t been made in a Nut Loaf Tin. The cylindrical shape of this tin may seem foreign for the youngins’, but old-fashioned home bakers will appreciate this decades’ old invention (which featured prominently in Australian cookbooks dating back to the 1930’s!).

This tin features removable lids at both ends, and a non-stick coating means that your cake will turn out splendidly without the need for baking paper. Once baked, lather your loaf slices in butter and have yourselves a merry little feast.

Better dust off grandma’s recipe books, they’re going to be thoroughly exercised with this lovely loaf tin (and make sure you add plenty of dates!).

  • Made with study, non-stick metal.
  • Features removable lids at both ends.
  • For baking and storage to ensure utmost freshness.

Tip 1: Grease well

Nut roll tins need to be greased well, preferably with melted butter, and don't forget to grease the inside of the lids. Sometimes the top lids will have a hole in them to let steam escape, but it doesn't seem to matter much whether they do or not.

Tip 2: Fill the tin half-way

It's important to know that nut roll tins should only be half-filled with mixture so the cake won't force the top lid off or simply get squashed by the lid during baking.

Tip 3: Bake upright

Stand the tin upright on an oven tray – it will be easier to get it in and out of the oven that way. Rearrange the oven racks to accommodate the height of the tins before you preheat the oven. You will need to leave about 5cm of space all around each tin to allow the heat of the oven to circulate properly and cook the nut rolls through.

Tip 4: Getting the nut roll out of the tin

Old-style tins opened down the side and were easy to handle, but the new tins are closed-in cake cylinders so they can be a bit tricky.
After the rolls are cooked – which will be somewhere between 50 and 60 minutes – let them stand upright for 5 minutes.
Remove the lids and use both hands to hold the tin in a tea towel and shake gently until you feel the loaf free itself from the sides. Gently let the loaf slide out and onto a wire rack to cool.

Dimensions: 20cm (l) x 8cm (w)